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Katie Rae Cardigan- 6 months to 6 years
Adding a few details makes this sweater lovely,  Bobbles, collar and seed stitch band with I-cord ties or buttons knit in.
seamlessly simple
seamlessly simple
seamlessly simple
seamlessly simple
At the Game - Size 6 mos/12 years
The one that started this all !!
Knit this cardigan in your team colors, add buttons for your sport, baseball, football, soccor or hockey. Super simple basic design!!!
Take a peek!
Audrey Cardigan- Pattern not available presently...check back soon.,
Seamlessly Simple, add color and a heart motif. This photo shows a crochet front band, but instruction include a ribbed band with no sew buttons
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seamlessly simple
Rosie's Cardigan-Sizes 6 mos/12 years
My basic design with a touch of pink.  Knit top down, with a checkerboard stitch.  The varigated yarn gives the effect of flowers.
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Seamlessly Simple
Sophia-Size 6 months to 8 years
Lace  Collar, raglan sleeves and cabling make this a knock out cardigan.  Knit from the top down ---absolutely no seams!! Please enjoy this pattern
Tulip Lace- A little lace and cute (duckie) buttons make this top down cardigan so charming. Vary the color combination and create your own style...Shades of pink with cupcake buttons,  red and white with snowflakes or how about oranges and rusts for a fall jacket.   The color combinations are endless.  
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Sonoma Hoodie
So Much More -Sizes 6 mos/12 years
Add a few ribs and alot of color for this wonderful, fun hoodie.   Knit top down.
Coco Cable Rosie's Cardigan-Sizes 6 mos/12 years
Cables around the hood and down the sleeves,  Knit top down, this is really more simple then you think.
Swing Jacket- 6 months to 6 years
Taperred for swing, it looks more chalendging then it is. If you can knit, purl, and yarn over this is a design for you.  
Royal Jacket for Kids-
6 months to 6 years
A seed stitch lapel and doublebreasted features make this easy to knit jacket a stunner.  You can be creatve with the body or use a stockinette stitch. 
 Top down and seamless.  No sewing when you are finished knitting.