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.Dear Knitters & Crocheters,

Knitting can be fun, relaxing, creative, enjoyable, giving and yes exciting---It can also be frustrating, time consuming, and confusing.  Why not create a beautiful sweater and incorporate all the shortcuts, tricks and techniques you can find to make the experience enjoyable, quick and fun.    

I have spent the last year reading, browsing groups, blogs and websites, attending workshops and knitting, with the sole purpose of creating instructions for a Seamlessly Simple sweater......

Top down knitting allows you to "knit to fit" and make adjustments to length, very easily.  When you have finished knitting , the sweater is practically ready to wear.    Minimize or even eliminate sewing all together.   Knit a sweater and it is finished....  no sewing.... not even the buttons......just a few strands of yarn to weave in.

All my patterns are created with the level of knitter in mind.  Detailed instructions, with step by step photographs are perfect for the  knitter new to top-down knitting and the visual learner!  (look for the X in the pattern# for all the extra details).  For the experienced knitter, less detail and to the point instructions can meet your needs*

I cannot claim the invention of all the techniques I have incorporated into these patterns, nor would I attempt to say I did.  What I have done is combine these techniques into an easy to understand format that allows you to knit a sweater that is seamlessly simple. 

Enjoy and best always,    Betty